My 1st Month with WP Affiliate Machine – Review & Tips

free search engine traffic
free search engine traffic

Hello and welcome to my blog. I wanted to do a 1 month update about my experience with WP Affiliate Machine and show you how it’s going so far.

WP Affiliate Machine, at it’s most basic, is a WordPress plugin. You can use the plugin on your existing site to add content and product reviews, earning you commissions from JVZoo, Clickbank & Warrior Plus. If you don’t have any website at all, don’t worry…I started with nothing myself.

When I started looking at online marketing again, I wanted to make sure I had something that I was in control of. I also didn’t have very much money to start with. Some of the most successful online marketers I know bring in tons of traffic to their offers because they do Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews – And they do a TON of them (think Mike from Maine and/or Brett Rutecky)

I believed this was a great way to start building a growing, monthly income online. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. I knew there would be some work to put in. I wasn’t technically gifted. Even stuff like adding graphics wasn’t something I knew how to do. Forget building attractive websites, I could do point and click and that was about it.

So I needed something EASY.

I found WP Affiliate Machine – I bought the plugin, I bought their hosting, and I bought their “Monthly Content” where they give me 10 new product reviews done for me, every month.

I also bought their complete site setup. They setup the wordpress site, theme and everything. And even started adding articles for me.

You are currently reading this on my WP Affiliate Machine Review Website.

The articles are extremely professional looking (beyond Anything I could do!) and I’m already getting traffic to my affiliate offers on a daily basis.

How much traffic? I got over 3,000 visitors my very 1st month!

Now, there are some additional things I did. I treat my website like a business. I added some plugins, social media share buttons, etc. I didn’t just sit around and wait for WP Affiliate Machine to work for me…

I outline everything in the video below:

I would say the biggest increase in my traffic came from WP Tag Machine. As soon as I started adding these “tags” to my posts, I started getting 100+ visitors on a daily basis.

For something that costs about $30, that’s what I would call a Must Have

Outside of WP Tag Machine, I added social media like Pinterest & Tumblr. I started a facebook fan page, I have a twitter account etc. These things have been bringing me free traffic every day. And they are SO easy to do!

Everytime I have a new article, I go through and edit to make sure it makes sense and is easy to read, add tags, and then I share it on my social media.

Those are literally the only steps I’ve been taking…Honestly, I need to be doing more. I’m currently exploring SEO gigs, places to advertise, great WordPress plugins, adding my own content etc.

See, while WP Affiliate Machine does a TON of the work for you, realize that over 3,000 of these have already been sold. You want to “stand out” at least a little bit from the people who just buy something and hope it works for them.

get more free traffic

And while yes, there is some work to do at the start, I think the video above should prove to you that the effort is absolutely worth it. And remember, once you put the work in now, it’s online for good.

WP Affiliate Machine had EVERYTHING I was looking for when I decided to get back into online marketing.

And the overall costs were incredibly low. For the plugin, hosting, and even site setup (with SEO backlink campaign) I got the entire website, including done for me product reviews, for about $150…

Where else can you start a complete, Turn Key, online marketing business for that little?

And it’s not as if stuff costs way more later – The hosting is a 1 time fee, the site setup was a 1 time fee, the plug in was a 1 time fee. The only recurring cost is the $27/month I pay for content. The kind of awesome product review articles that you cannot get done anywhere else for that little. Even that is optional – with just the plugin they will “drip” 30 product review articles for you.

This is simply unbeatable Value in my opinion

If you already have a wp website, the plug in is just $10. I got the other stuff because I started from scratch and I’m not technically gifted. So I preferred WP Affiliate Machine setup everything for me – Even completely done for me, amazingly low cost.

Once I added WP Tag Machine, the free traffic started pouring in. Now I just add more content, add better SEO, and get my website, hopefully, ranked higher and higher in search results.

Check out WP Affiliate Machine Here:

***Already have a WordPress Website but need more free traffic?

Check out WP Tag Machine 2.0 Here

Believe me when I tell you i HATE to sound like the used car salesman, full of hype…But WP Affiliate Machine has already done more for me in 1 month than any other online marketing program I’ve ever tried (and i’ve been in DOZENS and blown THOUSANDS of dollars)

Watch the video above, see the proof for yourself, and then check out WP Affiliate Machine.

I know it has worked incredibly well for me and I’m only 1 month in…


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