Uber Eats vs. Door Dash – Which 1 is better?

Hi and thanks for visiting. I wanted to write a quick review of Uber Eats vs Door Dash. As a driver for both services, I have seen how each work and believe I can provide a good review.

Which 1 you choose to do is up to you 🙂

I started as a Uber Eats delivery driver about a year ago. I did it as a 2nd gig, make some extra money, get out of the house a little more often. I did pizza delivery for years as a 2nd job so it came pretty easy for me.

When the pandemic started, Uber Eats was great. I had tons of deliveries, really good tips, really good bonuses. I was earning a good $30/hour, often $40 an hour, and sometimes even $50/hour depending on the night.

About a month ago, Uber Eats started getting REALLY cheap. I understand they are in business to make money…But the pay went way down and they started doing little “tricks”. Like I would be on my way to a delivery, and they would offer me a 2nd pickup. But here is the thing – The 2nd pickup was EXTREMELY under normal pay. Like I would be heading out on a delivery that was 10+ miles away, and they would offer me $2.14 to grab a 2nd delivery that added 15 min’s to my drive.

This happened over and over again, with offers on 2nd orders being anywhere from + $1.50 to $2.50 and would add 15 – 20 min’s each time.

This bothered me because i KNEW that if they had to send a driver on that run alone, they would be paying at LEAST twice that much, often 3 times that much…So why were they being SO cheap with me?

I am a platinum level driver with Uber Eats and have nearly 700 deliveries at this point. I have extremely high ratings. So to be constantly offered garbage pay was irritating and I felt like I was being taken advantage of…So most of the time I would simply Decline the 2nd delivery offers.

It was frustrating enough that I ended up trying Door Dash. What I liked was that Door Dash will show you in advance what you are going to get paid…including the tip.

Door Dash also uses Google Maps as it’s GPS system which is, quite simply, far superior to the Uber Eats GPS.

The problem I found with Door Dash is I wasn’t getting any orders. I’d be out for 2 or 3 hours and have 3 orders. I also had to drive to their listed “hot spots” before the app would work.

Door Dash also offers it’s customers a grocery pick up as it’s service. However, as a driver, I didnt’ take any of those orders. They would often be 60+ items, 13 miles away, and pay $6 or so. That is bare minimum payment in my opinion (no tip) and I am not out to waste my time when driving around. I’m there to make money.

Many of the food orders, however, would be pretty good and have a healthy tip.

My main problem with Door Dash was I couldn’t get hardly any orders…I would drive to different “hot spots” but would often spend an hour or more with ZERO offers.

A few weeks ago Uber Eats added the 1 thing I loved most about Door Dash – They show you the tip you get and the total amount you will be paid. So instead of just “hoping” you get a decent tip on a delivery, now you know.

This has been pretty cool as far as I’m concerned, but it will probably cause issues for Uber Eats themselves. For me, I don’t accept an order unless I’m making at least $20/hour average. So I’ll get these offers that take 25-30 min’s total time, and the pay is $3 or $4. I decline those immediately. Honestly, that doesn’t even pay the mileage or wear and tear on my vehicle.

I decline those because over and over I get an order shortly thereafter for $8 – $12 for the same amount of time.

So why would I (or anyone) deliver an order at $3 or $4? While I appreciate the Uber is now showing me the total I am making per delivery (including tip), my guess is a LOT of drivers are declining these no tip/low tip deliveries…and someone has to take them.

I am out driving my car, using gas, putting miles on, adding wear and tear to my vehicle…So no, I don’t want to waste time with garbage pay. I’m there to make money.

The Uber Eats GPS is also REALLY bad. If you hit the “Navigation” button, it takes you to the Google Maps, but here is the thing…it only shows you the address BLOCK/AREA, not the actual house or apartment number. If you don’t know the area well, I would recommend typing in the address into Google Maps separately. Because yes, the Uber GPS really IS that bad. It will tell you over and over to stay on the same road (adding slight right, or slight left, when there is literally 1 road) and then at the last second tells you to turn left or right. So you need to be actively paying attention to the next step on your own, because listening to just the Uber GPS will have you doing last second turns and u-turns over and over.

I have written in to Uber Eats support about this several times and it’s still bad. It’s especially useless when you are within a couple hundred feet. I’ve been parked right in front of restaurants and the app tells me I am .2 miles away, and turn left or right.

This is especially a problem for delivering at night, and delivering to apartments.

Outside of the GPS, I’d say Uber Eats is the way to go (I just realized this blog entry is a really good way for me to vent haha)

It tells you how much you will make per delivery, you can pick and choose which deliveries to take, and they also have bonuses that I couldn’t find on Door Dash.

For example, they have something called “Quest” where you choose a bonus payment for a certain number of deliveries. On a weekend these can range from $50 – $75 for getting 45 deliveries in 4 days. This is a bonus, and is on top of whatever pay you earn making those deliveries.

Those bonuses are how I’ve been able to have weekends where i earn $600 – $800 in a weekend of deliveries.

They also have signup bonuses for new drivers. As well as referral bonuses for bringing friends into Uber Eats.

You work when you want to. Just turn the app on to accept orders, turn it off to call it a day.

It’s about the best 2nd gig I have found.

Hopefully this helps you make a decision on whether to join Uber Eats or Door Dash.


  1. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. Lorrin Gibb Adriena

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