What is the Best Online Marketing Business?

best online marketing business
best online marketing business

What is the best online marketing business? While there are many ways to start an online business, let me see if I can help you find the right path…By giving you some of my experiences, my successes and failures, you can at least skip SOME of the mistakes I’ve made in my online money making journey.

1st, it’s EASY to start looking into starting an online business and get distracted by “Shiny Object Syndrome” – Basically, every new product/opportunity that you see looks like “The Answer”…Many people who are trying to make money online fall victim to this.

You have to clear your mind of thoughts of “This is easy” or “I can make money overnight doing THIS”

I will be straight up with you and give you the best advice I can. If you think you just buy something, sign up for some product, install some plugin and money just starts pouring in…It simply does NOT work that way.

I say that because far too many people believe it DOES work that way…Then when it doesn’t, they say online marketing is a “scam”

So for starters, you must be willing and able to TAKE ACTION

If you take zero action, it simply doesn’t matter what you buy/sign up for etc…

I’ve heard successful marketers say 1 thing and it’s 100% True – They can tell you every single thing they do/have done, they could give you all the information for free….It doesn’t matter…The only thing that matters is what YOU are willing to do!

With that being said, the beautiful thing about having on online marketing business is that it is a powerful shortcut to success…Realize that, yes, there is some work to do…But it’s nowhere near the amount of work required to start any other business. You won’t be slaving away 80 hours a week over a computer.

I’ve personally been a sucker far more often than I would care to admit. I even paid a guy $5,000 a couple years ago to produce what was effectively a 1 page website…I had dreams of overnight wealth and thought “this” was the answer…What I got was a box of crap in fancy wrapping…

So I speak from experience when i tell you to Be Careful what you choose to invest your Time & Money into when it comes to starting an online business.

You want an online marketing business that YOU CONTROL (i’ve also lost $1,000’s in earned affiliate commissions when a company literally up & disappeared – that hurts)…When you have your own website, you are in total control.

Then you need content – articles & reviews that are appealing and engaging.

Then you need traffic…What is the best kind of traffic you can get?

My opinion (and many others) is that FREE traffic from Google is the best possible traffic you can get…You have people searching for something. They want/need information, and they want it now (think laser targeted traffic)

How do YOU get some of this traffic? Well, the competition is fierce, I’m not going to blow smoke up your you know what 🙂

I have followed many of the “leaders” in making money online and learned what I could. Most of them recommend building your own web presence, building your own brand. 1 of the ways to do that is to write product reviews…

A review website helps you build TRUST with your audience. Remember, people can buy from anyone…They are going to, at least typically, buy from people and sources they trust…

You are currently reading this on my own review website…

But I don’t know how to build attractive websites. I’m not good at techy stuff like creating images, choosing themes and widgets…I’m not particularly good at uploading videos or writing articles either…

And I don’t have endless hours to spend doing this…

What I use is called WP Affiliate Machine – and it’s, by far, the easiest, most simple way I’ve found to start an online marketing business.

WP Affiliate Machine, at it’s most basic, is a wordpress “plugin” that is used to add professional content to any website.

What if you don’t have a wordpress site at all? Don’t worry – I didn’t either. I literally had WP Affiliate Machine build me the website you are on now.

You might think that sounds super expensive…And typically it would be…

You might be surprised to learn that I started this online marketing business for UNDER $150…

What other business in the world can you start for $150? And I don’t mean start, and then it costs way more later…WP Affiliate Machine provided me a Turn Key Review Website…An online marketing business filled with valuable content and affiliate marketing product reviews.

Keep in mind I got EVERYTHING Done For Me – Plug in ($10), Hosting ($47), done for me site setup including 3,000 backlink campaign ($67 at the time) and Monthly Content ($27/month) – You are able to just get the plug in and set everything else up yourself, but for me, I didn’t have a website and I didn’t know any of the techy stuff. So for me, it was absolutely worth it.

And it’s MY Website – I can add anything I want, anytime I want…But all the hard stuff, the setup and adding tons of content, was done for me…

Here is a video I did to go over exactly what I got from WP Affiliate Machine. You get to see the “inside” and not just a sales page…

That is a look inside everything WP Affiliate Machine. As well as an inside view of how easy it is to add fresh, relevant content to my very own review website.

While you CAN just buy WP Affiliate Machine and let it run on it’s own, I would personally recommend you do more.

As there have been well over 3,000 of these sold, I’d recommend you add some effort…Try writing some articles yourself. Get some SEO services done from a site like Fiverr.com. There are people who are GREAT at providing valuable SEO services…something I know very little about…Why not spend a little money on services that can boost your ranking and authority with Google? Start a facebook fan page. Put a social networking plug on your site. Every extra link you have can help…and it’s not difficult to do…Remember, this is a BUSINESS – Treat it as such –

I personally got a couple fiverr gigs for SEO services…Now, don’t buy garbage. If someone is selling 2 million backlinks for $5, that’s probably garbage. If you see 1 million visitors for $10, again, garbage…I personally am trying to build my website to be as authentic as possible. I want people to find my reviews and trust the information they are getting.

My goal is to build a website that gets more and more FREE traffic, building up authority, by adding great content…

And more free traffic brings more visitors to the products I am an affiliate for…Building a growing, passive online income.

So What is the Best Online Marketing Business?

How about 1 that builds you growing, passive monthly income? Something YOU are in total control of. Something that is setup & ready to go nearly right away. Something easy to use and automated.

There are a Ton of reasons I think WP Affiliate Machine is the best online marketing business.

Check out WP Affiliate Machine Right Here

And start building Your Own online marketing business, the easiest way I’ve found…

best online marketing business
best online marketing business


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